If You’re In It For Service, You’ll Never Be Nervous

Are you looking for a foolproof way to get everything you’ve ever wanted in life including financial freedom?

I know when I started out online I was just out to make money.  Honestly that is really all I wanted to do.  However, I would never have realized what kind of journey it would really take me on.

I quickly came to realize what it came down to in order to generate cash on the internet.  If you are not aware, this is what the formula ultimately comes down to:

Driving traffic (website visitors) to an offer and when people purchase that offer then you make a commission off of it.

Money comes from financial transactions.  I don’t know about you but when I first got started out I thought there was just this unlimited source of money hidden somewhere out there that I just needed to find a tap to.  This was certainly not the case.

As I continued my journey I started to realize that there was a bigger and better formula to that all.

Its not really about just driving traffic to an offer but rather it is getting connected with that traffic.  Its about serving that traffic and providing value to that traffic.  It is then about providing those people with a real solution to the problem they are attempting to solve.  Everyone has something they are having issues with and they want people to help them with it.

They don’t simply want to be sold a product.  So why would that be our main focus?

“The money you make will be in direct proportion to the value you deliver to the marketplace”

A lot of people get nervous about selling.  Its normal and I certainly do too.  However if you shift your mindset from selling to help serving people things will drastically change.  You can build an actual relationship with your target market and they will know, like, and trust you.

Trust is probably the biggest factor if you want anyone to buy anything from you.

Just a few things to keep in mind 🙂


Nicholas V Arapkiles
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Nicholas V Arapkiles

Nicholas V Arapkiles
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