Weird Marketing Experiments (new book – want one?)

It’s not everyday that you see tremendous value on the internet.

It’s not everyday that when you find good stuff you can actually apply to help you…

…and it is certainly not everyday you find that kind of rare information for FREE!

However, if I told you that an industry guru that pumps out success stories left and right was GIVING away his best product ever, would I at least have your attention?

Russell Brunson

If you’re not aware of this guy you certainly should start to take note of him.

He is the real deal.  He is the creator of Click Funnels first of all(platform that allows you to create custom sales funnels in minutes) which that alone makes him cool.  I use it everyday in my business and it has made things a lot more simple and easy.

However that does not even begin to explain how awesome this guy is and how he’s been turning water into wine for the past decade.

Anthony Robbins Has Noticed

Ever hear about the speaker Anthony Robbins?

Of course you have.

He’s undoubtably been the best speaker for the last couple decades.  He is one of the most amazing human beings that I have ever had the chance to learn from and he has even endorsed this FREE book that Russell has written.

In fact Robbins states:

“A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion and sales online.” 

If it is good enough for him then it is good enough for me.

 He Won A Ferrari?

I had actually came across Russell a while back when we were both promoting the same company.  There was an affiliate contest and the grand prize was a cherry red Ferrari.

I kept seeing the name just dominating the leaderboard and I didn’t pay much attention to it because from slight glance I thought it was Richard Branson.  Haha.

Thinking back to it that made absolutely no sense that Sir Richard would be in an internet marketing contest, but I guess I just figured it was him because of the complete and utter domination of the leaderboard.

Needless to say Russell won the roadster and he is pretty much like the Richard Branson of internet marketing.

I Started Following Him More

After I saw a video of who the guy really was it made an impression on me so I began to follow him more closely.

Come to find out, Russell was not just another typical marketer that was just making a name for himself by promoting affiliate products.

No.  Not even close.

I quickly realized that Russell was a guy that had a big team.  A team of people that were helping transform business after business.

The big thing that I always look for in a mentor is if he is able to build businesses that are not in the Internet Marketing space.


You see it all too often.

These “gurus” that are making lots of money in the internet marketing world are only selling “how to get rich” products.

They don’t actually know how to do it, but for some reason they are teaching it.

It is ridiculous.  Why would someone that can’t do something then go on and teach it?

It’s like the blind leading the blind.

Anything Except That

Russell was not anything like that from all the research I gathered up.

In fact one of his very first ventures was a product that taught people how to make a potato gun.  Lol.

If you can make money teaching people something like that then you know your stuff.

Recently I also saw that he created a sales funnel for a dietary supplement that turns $500,000 a month.  Now that is not a claim that is just what they have been producing and there are costs that go into that so it is not 100% profit, but that alone tells you Russell knows his stuff.

His First Book

After following Russell for a little while I saw that he put out a book about split testing.

It was FREE just like this one so I figured why not get it.

The value and information far exceeded my expectations.  I always love learning from the masters and especially when it is something that I can physically hold.

I was able to take one piece of information out of that book that made a drastic improvement in my business.

He easily could have charged a lot of money for that book and I would have paid for it because it helped me that much.

He Is At It Again

Just like the last book he is giving this one away for FREE.

It is called DotComSecrets.

So you’re probably wondering what is the catch for this free book right?

I mean he does have expenses to get that book printed right?

Well if you haven’t noticed lately this is an effective strategy that a lot of authors are using today.

Guys like Brendan Burchard and Tony Robbins have done it with their latest books.

They simply give it away so they can create some good buzz around it.  They want it to be a success right out of the gate.

What do people love?


When you get something of high value for no cost you are going to be exited about it.

When you’re exited about something you usually share it.

What is one of the best places to share things these days?

Social Media!

That is why they do these FREE offers.

To create a huge social media buzz for when their book drops.

New York Times Best Seller?

That is the goal here for Russell.

He has made that very clear.

I personally hope he makes it there because he is well deserving.  Just like I stated earlier he is a guy that has been in the trenches doing this stuff and having success with it.  Now he wants to bring his knowledge to the entire world.

I want to help him do that and that is why I have chosen to help promote this book(in addition to getting my own copy of course).

So if you believe in Russell’s vision and you’d like to help him get to the New York Times Best Seller then click here to get more information on how you can get your free copy.

In addition to helping Russell get to his goal this book will definitely take your business to…

The Next Level

If you want to start getting more traffic, leads, and sales in your business then this book is definitely for you.

If you’re struggling in any way in your business you literally cannot afford to not get this book.

I have not received my copy yet, but I am betting there will be at least one thing in the first chapter that will take my business to the next level.

I will create another blog post for when I do get it.

Knowing what kind of information that Russell puts out there I would gladly pay the retail price for this book, but it’s free right now for a limited time, so I am take advantage of it for sure.

Hope you do the same.

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Nick Arapkiles


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