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Lurn Insider Course Credibility

  • Anik has been running an online business for the last 15+ years
  • Anik has sold over $100 Million on the internet
  • Les Brown appears throughout the course & endorses the program
  • Robert Kiyosaki appears throughout the course & endorses the program


What You're Getting Inside The Course

  • Weekly Power Hours
    • These weekly webinars that keep you posted on what is working best
  • Inbox Bootcamp
    • These are also webinars teaching more specifics on email marketing
    • You receive a bonus webinar that goes over the fundamentals of success in building an online business or really anything in life.
    • It is a series of 3 webinars
    • They promote inbox blueprint at the end of the webinars for $1497
  • Success weekly
    • Cutting edge strategy webinars delivered weekly
  • Facebook Group
    • Community where you can join other people who have joined the program
  • Daily Lessons
    • This is the main content of the course
    • They lessons are drip fed where they open a new lesson everyday
    • They give your printable handouts and assignments for each day
    • The lessons start with foundational information that programs your mind for success, but then gets going on technical information on how to build you digital publishing business
  • Oppourtunity To Apply For Live Mastermind
    • The event will be in Washington D.C.
    • You have to apply so I'm not 100% what the price will be for that.

How Much Does Lurn Insider Cost & Upsells?

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Get Lurn Insider + Bonus Here

What I Like About Lurn Insider?

  • I like earn Lurn Insider a lot because I know Anik and he's been very reputable throughout the years.  I've promoted his products in the past and they always do well.  Plus he puts out solid content and teaches the stuff that has allowed me to quit my job and travel.
  • I like that they drip feed the content.  One of the biggest reasons people fail is because they're overwhelmed and confused.  Anik only allows you to watch a new lesson everyday.
  • I like how they start out with the informational stuff then get into the technical information.  I know a lot people don't care too much for the personal development, but it really is important and essential.  Plus he doesn't over board with it.
  • I also like how they put on weekly and monthly webinar.  We all like to stay in now because things are always changing.  This is going to help you with that.


What I Didn't Love About Lurn Insider?

  • There wasn't really too much I disliked about the program, but here I will share some potential drawbacks
  • When they drip feed the content everyday they are releasing it without know if you actually completing it.  It would be ideal to only release the content when the person completed the previous day.
  • It's really not the worst thing, but the Inbox webinars do pitch his course Inbox Blueprint for $1497.  Again there is nothing wrong with this and the webinars are really good, but just wanted to make sure you're aware of that.
  • Another thing that I'm not sure is a drawback but what you should be aware of is they will have opportunities to apply for the live mastermind in Washington D.C.  I'm not sure of what the price will be but it will not be inexpensive.  I'm sure it will be an amazing event with lots of opportunities to network and learn

Lurn Insider $500 Real World Bonus

  • As a bit of an incentive for you to join Lurn Insider with me is my Marketing Mastery course.
  • This is a course that I regularly sell at $500 to my high value clients
  • The only reason I am offering this is because I truly believe in this course, Anik, and everything he stands for.  Plus I will earn a commission so I want to help you out as much as I possibly can.
  • Make sure to clear your cookies before you join the trial to insure you get this bonus.
  • You will have access to my bonus for as long as you're active with Lurn Insider.
Get Lurn Insider + Bonus Here
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