Driving As An Uber Driver | $1000 A Week?

The company Uber has been making some big splashes as of late.

They have created an excellent service for getting people around instead of those unruly cab drivers.

Cabs are usually dirty….

…you usually have to pay in cash….

…and it’s a major inconvenience trying to get one.

Insert Uber

The friend cab of the future.

People use their own car.

They keep it clean.

…and they can make some extra cash!

…but how much can you actually make?

It depends on how much you drive first of all.

You are paid for the miles when you have passengers in your car.

Right now the rates for riders are $1.20 plus a riders fee for uber x(more for other options).

As a driver you obviously don’t keep the entire fare.

You don’t get to keep the rider fee(uber takes that).

After the rider fee is taken out you then get to keep about 80%.

…so longer trips are usually in your benefit.

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What Have I Made In A Week?

Uber pays you directly every single week you work.

It is submitted directly to my bank account, but there are other options.

The best week I have had was just over $1,000.

Obviously I worked a lot of hours, but the money is there if you want it.



Is There Any Reason Besides Money To Drive?

It depends on what kind of person you are.

I am a fairly sociable person.

I love meeting new people.

I love having stimulating conversations and learning from others.

That is exactly what I have been doing since I’ve started driving.

I’ve met a lot of cool people.

Some even invite me to hangout after our ride.

…and i’ll usually take them up when it includes hanging out at a mansion on a lake so we can do some boating and jet skiing.





Overall It Has Been A Great Experience

I don’t do it full time because I have an online business that pays better (click here if you want to see what I do) but I love the flexibility.

When I want to work…I do.

When I don’t want to work…I don’t.

There is not commitment.

You can turn the app on and off as you please.

There Is Another Cool Way To Get Paid (I’ll Pay You!)

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You can start referring people to sign up.

Heck you could just make money getting other people to sign up.

I personally like this method and I encourage you to sign up.

In fact, I will give you $10 cash if you sign up by clicking on this link.

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After you sign up send me an email at info@nickarapkiles.com to let me know.

I’ll double check then we’ll make sure you get paid.

Besides that it is a great oppourtunity to supplement my online business.

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They can help you get financed for a car too!

So overall I would definitely recommend to at least check it out.

If you have anymore questions leave them in the comments or just get in touch with me.


Nick Arapkiles


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