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Last night I was speaking with a good friend of mine and he brought up an extremely valid point:

You won’t drastically change your life over night.  

This is obvious.

You can however slightly change you life overnight and overnight and overnight.  See, each and everyday that you are on this beautiful earth’s surface you are honestly faced with a challenge.  You can get better.  You move in the direction of your dreams.  You can grow and fulfill your life.  That is the first option.  The second option in to digress, to fall back, and/or to “slip” back.

Those are the two options and the only options.  I am sure alot of people believe that’s not entirely true.  I am here to be up in your face and tell you that it is the case.  Each day you either get better or you get worse.  Plain and simple.  You never ever stay the same.

With that given information what are you gonna do with your day?

I heard a story recently about the great John C. Maxwell.  This is a man of impeccable authority and power.  He is one of the most outstanding leaders in our world.  Now why exactly is John where he is today?  A lot of people might believe that he was just born that way or he went to some secret workshop that taught him all the mysteries of the universe.  However that is not the case.

The reason that John C. Maxwell is where he is today is because of his consistency.  What kind of consistency are we talking about?

When John was 18 years old he decided he was going to do 3 things on a daily basis.  He made the decision, but more importantly he made the commitment.  There is actually a difference there.

  1. He made the commitment that he was going to read for and hour a day.
  2. He made the commitment that he was going to write for an hour a day.
  3. Lastly, he made the commitment that he was going to think for an hour a day.

Those were the commitments he made to himself and in over 30 years he has not broken one of them.

Now the interesting thing is that there were not any noticeable changes the first week, or first month, over even the first year.  There really wasn’t even that much of change after two years.  However as time continued to progress the gap between John and the rest of the people around him started to get bigger and bigger.  Several years down the road he could not even recognize himself nor did others.

So I am here to tell you that if you truly want change in your life you have to respect the process.  Anything that comes to you easily and quickly will probably leave you in the same amount of time.  Commit to changing your life daily and you will get to where you want to go!


Nicholas V Arapkiles
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Nicholas V Arapkiles

Nicholas V Arapkiles
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