Case Study: 605% ROI Using Facebook Ads

Let me ask you a quick question….

If someone told you that they would give you $148.50 if you gave them $21.04 would you take that deal?

Well permitting that it wasn’t HIV ridden bill you would reply with an astounding YES!

In fact you’d probably ask if you could do it over and over again.

As many times as you possibly could.

Well I am going to show you exactly how I was able to turn that kind of profit using the amazing platform we all know and love:

Facebook Advertising!

Big Claim Right?

Yes I know.  Just strait out of the box I want lay out there that this case study is in now way shape or form ordinary.  In fact it is really anything but typical.  I realize that and I am not guaranteeing that you will create similar results.

I also know that this is most likely an isolated incident but it did happen so I want to share it with you in hopes that it will help you with your endeavors.

Let’s Keep It Simple

Here is the amount that I spent on ads:

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 1.35.06 PM


I will get into some more of the details but you can see that this was not a large campaign.  In fact I have not done much advertising before now(it kind of scares me).

So I spend just over $20 and here is a screen shot of what my revenue was:

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 1.38.01 PM

I sold a product called Dark Post Profits 2.0 by Chris Record.

It is an excellent product and it is all about learning this kind of stuff so it was congruent with the way I was marketing it(this certainly did not hurt my conversions).

So to calculate ROI I have to get the net profit which was:

$148.50-$21.04= $127.46

Now divide that by my investment and it equates into:


Multiply that by 100 and we get a:

605% ROI

Put In $1 & Out Comes $6


That is crazy and again this is not usual, but how cool is that?

If I put in $1 and out comes $3 I would still be very pleased.

So why don’t I show you more details on how exactly I did this.


Do you know what that is?

If you don’t I certainly recommend you pay attention here because it is the future of advertising especially on Facebook.

The principle behind this is that whenever someone comes to one of your websites that you put what is called a “cookie” on them.  This basically means you capture their (Facebook) information and then you can continue to advertise directly to them.

See The Power?

Why is this so powerful?

Well have you ever heard the phrase:
“The fortune is in the followup”

If not, it might possibly the truest thing anyone has ever said.

Think about it for a second.  When we are trying to sell things online most of us really “want” people to buy right away.  If you really think about that, it is crazy.

A person that you have never met and they have never met you(in person or virtually) is going to trust you well enough to purchase something from you the very first instant they see it?

That completely goes against human nature.  Why are we trying to fight human nature?

5-7 Exposures

It takes a person typically 5-7 times to see an offer before they are going to take advantage of it.  In the past the only method to follow up with someone and actually expose them to something that amount of times was email(and that was if they gave you their email).

Email is a great way to follow up with people if you know what you are doing, but why not attack the followup from multiple angles?

That is what retargeting allows us to do.

Followup on another medium.

The Coolest Part

You don’t have to initially send people to your sites from Facebook advertising.

In fact, this campaign was one of my first times doing any type of advertising.

I usually just use YouTube to drive traffic.  So when people hit my webpages from my YouTube videos I now have their (Facebook) information and can start advertising to them.

So my prospect’s progression looks like this:

1. Search for something on YouTube or Google

2. Find my video

3.  See my face and listen to what I tell them

4. Go to my website (maybe put email address in for more info)

5.  If they gave their email then they get updates from me

6.  Regardless of the email situation they go check their Facebook and see my face again

7.  Gently remind them of my offers for as long as I want

 Another Cool Part

Not only is this type of Facebook advertising a lot more effective because the people that are seeing the ad people that have already seen your face, but it is a whole lot cheaper than traditional Facebook advertising.

You can see from the screenshot above that on average I was only paying $0.44 a click for highly target visitors.

There could be some argument that my conversion was a little low, but the thing I didn’t directly tell you was this product that I was promoting was a $297 offer.  Since I was an affiliate I earned 50% commissions.

Imagine if it was a lower cost or it was a product that I developed that I earn 100% commissions on.

So yes this was an extreme case, but I stilled earn over $3.00 a click.  That means each time someone came to my site it was worth over $3.00 to me.  That is a good number to strive for and keep in mind.

So if you’d like to learn all the nitty gritty details on how to set all of this kind of stuff up and potentially earn crazy ROI’s then I would highly recommend Chris’ awesome product called:

Dark Post Profits 2.0  <<–

He shows you everything and anything you’d ever need to know about this type of stuff.

Click here to learn all about it.  <<–

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