How To Become An Excellent Communicator!

One of the most profitable assets you can have in your arsenal is to be a extraordinary communicator.  Even good or great would benefit you but I would never want to aim for those.  Here I am going to teach you exactly…exactly how you can become a phenomenal communicator so you can be a person of power, influence, and persuasion.  All ethically of course 🙂

Now there are actually a few ways you can become the cream of the crop when it comes to speaking and communicating.  I believe one is a lot more convenient and practically for most people.

So the first way that you can become an excellent communicator is you can actually do speeches or talks in front of an audience.  This is definitely a great way to get to where you want to be.  Now the caveat just as in a lot of my other writings is that you cannot just do something one time, or two times, or even fifty times.  You have to make the decision and the commitment to staying persistent in whatever you are doing.

With all that information I think you would agree that speaking in front of a group consistently when you are starting out would not be extremely practical for everyone.  Who is gonna want to sit there and listen to a babbling brook ‘figuring’ it out.  Now down the road when you get more polished you definitely want to get in front of crowds because they will want to hear from someone like you and it will build your credibility.

The question that begs is how do we get to that point?

I will tell you how exactly.


That’s it.  Done with post for today.

Haha just kidding.

I am however serious about video.  Video is king.  Especially the little site called YouTube.  Get your face in front of a camera on a daily basis and speak to the world of the internet.  Constantly take action and build your confidence.  The best part is when you’re stumbling on your words there is no live audience to make you feel worse about yourself.  You will be your worst critic.

A lot of people don’t realize that it is quite similar to speak into a camera as it is to speak to a into a crowd of thousands.  Now there are definitely some details that you want to get better at during your speeches that will help you to become a better communicator but it is all about getting over the hump and constantly making videos regardless on what is happening.

I will get into those details in another post, but I want to leave your with a quick story.  I heard this story today from one of my mentors.  He met this world renowned speaking several years ago that was making $500,000 a month at the time.  Just a spectacle of a person and one of the most polished speakers of all time.  He did not start like that however.  Not even in the least bit.

When he was starting out he was constantly giving presentations however the first 6 months every single time he was about to step into a room he stopped and threw up first.  That is how nervous he was.  Puts things into a little perspective right?

“Every master was once a disaster”

Nicholas V Arapkiles
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Nicholas V Arapkiles

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