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Case Study: 605% ROI Using Facebook Ads

Let me ask you a quick question…. If someone told you that they would give you $148.50 if you gave them $21.04 would you take that deal? Well permitting that it wasn’t HIV ridden bill you would reply with an astounding YES! In fact you’d probably ask if you could do it over and over…

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Why Should We Really Read Books?

Are you looking for why we should read books? Do you wonder if they actually help? Are you looking to get better at reading? All those questions and more will be answer throughout this post so enjoy 🙂 Why should we read books? Before I answer that question let me pose the reality for you.…

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If You’re In It For Service, You’ll Never Be Nervous

Are you looking for a foolproof way to get everything you’ve ever wanted in life including financial freedom? I know when I started out online I was just out to make money.  Honestly that is really all I wanted to do.  However, I would never have realized what kind of journey it would really take…

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Calculate Your Income With Confidence!

Hey everybody its your buddy Nick here. I wanted to give you this value packed video training on how you can exactly calculate how much money you want to make.  It doesn’t matter what you are promoting this will help you! Enjoy 🙂   Click the button below if you want to get more awesome…

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It Is More Powerful To Be Unified Than To Be Right!

Question:  What is the one thing that most people pride themselves on? Answer:  Being right. Question:  Are most people successful? Answer:  No Question:  Is there a correlation between these two things? Answer:  You tell me.   Put Your Ego To The Side Just as I stated most people pride themselves on being right, but my…

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Are You Chasing Your Dream Or Your Destiny?

“If you’re chasing your dream, then you’re not running fast enough” -Eric Thomas Dream vs. Destiny I am inspired to write this because I was listening to one of my mentors yesterday and some things really resonated with me.  He was speaking about how he had always been chasing his dream.  His dream was to…

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