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#1 Thing That Will Take Your Life & Business To The Next Level (SYOT Podcast Ep. #1)

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What is the #1 most important thing that will take your business to the next level?


What is kaizen?

Japanese term that basically means practice of small improvements made daily that lead to huge results and rewards over time.

It is the ultimate form of betting on yourself.

Raises your personal value to the world and specifically your market place.

Daily = Habit

“You form the habit then you let the habit form you”
-Brian Tracy

Habits are just like a muscle.  The only way they grow is if you use them.  You cannot just sit there and get stronger.  You will start to shrink and get weak.

How Long Does A Habit Take?

20, 30, 60, 90???

I don’t think it really matters.

I think 90 days guarantees a formed habit.

First 20 days are going to be the hardest.

  • You’re starting something new
  • You’re stopping something old

Majority of your growth and results are going to come in the last 20%.

How To Make It Work Best?

At least an hour per day at the same time everyday.

Focus on just a small improvement each and every day.

1.  Connect it to your vision (income producing activities).

2.  Same time everyday.

3.  First thing you do.

4.  Spark momentum.  It will get easier and easier.

The elite of the world rain supreme because of their Kaizen approach to daily life behind the scenes and for no other real reason.


Nicholas V Arapkiles
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