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#1 Thing You Need For Unshakable Confidence (SYOT Podcast Ep. #4)

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What is one of the most common traits of the successful people on this planet?

What is one of the biggest things that separates people that don’t get what they want from the people that do get what they want?


All successful people have this ora about them.

They believe in themselves to the core.

They have no doubt that they can be, have, & do whatever they want.

How did they get that way?

How do they stay that way?

A lot of the self help people will tell you that they did a lot of affirmations.

They talked themselves up a lot.

They visualized until they saw it be true.

…and while I am not bashing those methods what so ever because I love them and they definitely get you results, but I believe confidence is something that you cannot really fake it until you make it.

You cannot say “I’m a confident person” until you’re blue in the face and magically that will appear.


I believe in something a little different.

In fact I don’t even necessarily believe in the word confidence.

What I like to call it is CERTAINTY!

It’s not being confident in something, but rather it is knowing you are competent in the subject at hand.

You ever been in an argument?

You ever been in an argument where the other person was not so sure about the topic?

Who comes out on top?

The person most certain.

That is what confidence is all about.  

Being certain.

How do you become certain?

You gain all the knowledge on the topic you possibly can.

You go out and test that knowledge.

You get feedback.

You change your approach based on the feedback.

Rinse and repeat until you are 100% certain you know every little angle.

That is confidence.

That is how you believe in yourself.

That is how it is done.

“See you on the top, the bottom is too crowded”

Nick Arapkiles

Nicholas V Arapkiles
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Nicholas V Arapkiles

Nicholas V Arapkiles
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